2020-2021 Projects (chaired by Hannah Ahamedi)

Nintendo Switch + Console Games

Project by: Alexander Bogatch

Description: To install an up-to-date gaming system, the Nintendo Switch, in the Cat's Eye. This would include the purchase of the most highly requested games and accessories to make the system fit the needs of the community (ie. extra controllers). 

Amount granted: $606.21

Game Time

Caffiend's Espresso Machine

Project by: Emily Dotzlaw

Description: A new, commercial-grade espresso machine to replace the previously broken machine. Investing in this new machine would result in less frequent repairs and disruption to cafe operations. It would help with increasing capacity while allowing for Caffiends to continue to grow and give back to the Victoria College community. As well, having a more automated machine places a lesser burden on volunteers and the executive. Approved by Gavin Li in 2019-2020, fund processed in 2020-2021 under Hannah Ahamedi. 

Amount granted: $8000.00