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2015-2016 Projects (chaired by Enxhi Kondi)

Alumni Dinner

Project by: Michelle Vacarciuc

Description: The main idea is to offer a longer than usual alumni event for student networking and interaction. The nature of this unique event will promote deeper conversation beyond pleasantries and “where is your favorite place to study on campus”. Additionally, this could prove every useful in identifying categories of work and self-discovery. Not only would this dinner be great conversationally, it could actually be very informative for students.

Amount granted: $2,400

Highball 2016: Jazz Trio

Project by: Stuart Norton

Description: This project is for a three-piece Jazz Band from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music: The Music Booking Office to perform at Highball 2016. The band will feature a saxophone, keyboard and bass. The performance will last for an hour during the cocktail reception and will bring an element of live music to enhance the programming for the event. Furthermore, Jazz music is commonly featured as the scores of many film Noir films.

Amount granted: $411.12

Cat's Eye Beanbag Chairs

Project by: Jordan LoMonaco

Description: The Cat’s Eye is hoping to buy 4-6 bean bag chairs to occupy the stage in the lounge. There is currently no furniture that can be put up there since most of our furniture is not moveable and can cause safety risks, so it remains empty. We were looking into furniture that could be easily moveable, light, but still provide max usage.The bean bags were our way of being able to expand the space and seating. This will allow us to utilize the current wasted space, and allow more students to study and/or socialize.

Amount granted: $922.90

Mind Matters VI Conference

Project by: Ammar Ijaz

Description: Mind Matters VI: Altered States will explore the vast kaleidoscope of consciousness through the lenses of psychology, philosophy, cognitive science, religion, anthropology, and neuroscience. Join us as we hold up the mirror of our human awareness to the depths of our spiritual potentials. Funding included 25 free Vic tickets.

Amount granted: $2,000

Unpacking COP21 Conference

Project by: Leila Atri

Description: This event will be the first of an annual conference at Victoria College on the Climate and Justice, which includes issues of sustainability, climate change and environmental justice. This first conference, entitled “COP21 Revealed: Examining and Understanding the Negotiations for the World and You”, was inspired by a want to bring an understanding of an important moment in our history to the very students that will face both the positive and negative implications of these negotiations.

Amount granted: $996.42

Fasting for Thought

Project by: Felipe Fajardo

Description: A “Day of Fasting” (called Fasting for Thought) consisting of a 24-hour period of fasting. The point for this is for the students of Victoria College to make an attempt at understanding the difficulties that are associated with hunger. Spending a day in hunger is a way to (of course there are many other differences) feel one of the difficulties and challenges of living in poverty, or without food, can do. The students will have a week or more to raise funds from friends and families, telling them they are joining a fast with their community. They would also hopefully donate some money themselves.

Amount granted: $360

Recipes for Refugees

Project by: Nicole Pereira

Description: The recent attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad have increased awareness for the terrorist group ISIS, but more importantly, discussion regarding the Syrian Refugee Crisis that has resulted from terrorism in the region. Recipes for Refugees is an event aiming to create awareness and raise money for Lifeline Syria, an organization that sponsors and supports refugees entering Canada from Syria. Different clubs and organizations from Victoria College and the University of Toronto will be invited to donate different food items to be enjoyed by those in attendance. Attendees can enter with a minimum donation and can enjoy a variety of recipes and foods from different cultural student groups, and others from around campus.

Amount granted: $250

Vic Charging Stations
Project by: Auni Ahsan
Description: The installation of charging stations for electronic devices at Victoria College will undoubtedly benefit the student community. These stations, which charge both iPhones and Android phones, are almost necessary to students (particularly commuters), who have long days on a campus where outlets and charging cables are not always accessible. It is so important for students to feel connected and able to communicate with others in order to plan study groups, meet with friends, get in contact with family, or reach out in the case of an emergency.
Amount granted: $1,750

Holocaust Guest Speaker
Project by: Nicole Fogel
Description: Leslie Schwartz is a Holocaust child survivor. He would like to come speak to our university about his experiences as a child in the Holocaust. He has spoken to the United Nations and speaks to high school and university students and members of the community all over the world, including Germany and the United States.This event would enrich student life by providing students and the greater Toronto community with an appreciation of diverse individuals and of past historical events from a primary source.
Amount granted: $2,187

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