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Student Projects Committee Application

The Idea

Do you have an idea that you think will change the Victoria College Community? Think it through, and check out the Student Projects Operating Policy to make sure it's something Student Projects can fund! 

Note: If you're planning on making changes to any building at Victoria College - you're required to consult with Phys Plant ahead of time for approval. If you're planning on hosting an event that may involve risks (specifically any event where alcohol will be present), you must consult with the Office of the Dean of Students for approval.

If you're not sure if the project idea you have fits into the Student Projects Operating Policy; or if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact the Student Projects Chairperson.

The Grant Application

Fill out a Grant Application Form, and explain your project idea to us! We're interested in hearing the details, descriptions, and thought process(es) behind your idea. Tell us how your project will benefit the Victoria College Community and Student Life (really, tell us what you want the money for, and how much money you need!)

Make sure to fill out a digital copy, and submit it to the Student Projects Chairperson by email at

The Endorsements

If your grant request exceeds $2,000 reach out to between two and five members of the Victoria College Union (either Vic Students or anyone living in residence at Vic) to endorse your Project. They'll have out fill out the Endorsement Form. explaining why or how they think your project will benefit the Victoria College Community.
Note: You are responsible for ensuring the endorsements are included in your Application.

The Interview

Once your application's been received by the Student Projects Chairperson, you'll be provided with an interview time at the next Committee Meeting. You are required to attend this interview (you're welcome to send a representative) to present your project to the committee and answer any questions that may come up. This is so that we can hear about your idea straight from the source.

The last day to submit an application is March 27, 2022. Keep in mind that if you have a project idea for the next school year (i.e. for September and early October of 2022) you should also consider submitting by March 27.


The Waiting

Once you've completed your interview, the Committee will deliberate and vote on whether or not your project will be granted any funding. If the project is approved by the Committee (with a 2/3 majority), it will then be sent for ratification by VUSAC at their next VUSAC meeting. Once VUSAC has made their decision, you will be contacted by the Student Projects Chairperson regarding the status of your application. 
If your project is approved, bring your ideas to life!
if your project is not approved, you're welcome to contact the Student Projects Chairperson with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Getting the Grant

The Student Projects Fund operates on a reimbursement system, where you will fill out a Cheque Requisition Form and attach all original receipts or invoices. Once the Finance Department has processed your requisition form, you will receive a check.

For particularly large grants, an invoice may be issued to the Student Projects Fund, and we may be able to pay the company directly.
the Idea
the Waiting
Getting the Grant
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