2014-2015 Projects (chaired by Arlette Bax)

VUSAC Office Table and Chairs
Project by: Enxhi Kondi and Ally Scandolo
Description: The new table will provide additional seating and outlets along the entire table for students to use. The table’s shape allows for people to converse easily in comparison to the current table arrangement in the boardroom – the pinched shape facilitates easier viewing from one end to another. The new chairs are much more comfortable and functional in a meeting room space, they will be armless and have a more ergonomic back support. Almost half of the chairs currently in the boardroom are broken; these new chairs will serve to replace the broken chairs in the long term.
Amount granted: $12, 842

Victoria College Screening of The Hunting Ground
Project by: Ariel Sernick and David Kitai
Description: The Hunting Ground is a documentary that provides an examination of Sexual assault on campus by profiling a number of young women in their struggle to address the issues of their own assaults’ on campus. The film, created by an Oscar nominated team of documentary filmmakers, received significant praise when it premiered earlier this year at Sundance. It is not being widely shown at theaters in Canada and we believe that this film addresses important and topical issues for us as university students. As such we are seeking funding to show this film at the Isabel Bader Theater for the benefit of Vic and UofT students.
Amount granted: $3,000

Highball 2015 Performer
Project by: Olivia Klasios
Description: A circus themed performance to be displayed during this year’s formal. Illuminair Entertainment can provide a reasonable price for a Cirque de Soleil type performance that will truly tie together the theme with the event. They offer a portable rig that can set up a hoop/cube/aerial silk performance, (of the three we can choose) and provide set up/take down. Their company is reliable and will provide quality entertainment for students attending Highball. By incorporating a performance it will both surprise and delight attendees and improve their overall experience at Highball. In years past, the theme has been primarily used for only the posters and the idea of the event, but with this performance I hope to really make the theme an experience for the event. Highball is an accessible event off Victoria College property and is open to all students, residence and commuter alike.
Amount granted: $1,000

SAD Lamps
Project by: Auni Ahsan
Description: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a psychopathology similar to major depressive disorder, including symptoms like chronic sadness, excessive sleep, loss of energy and motivation, and irritability. Colloquially speaking, SAD is also known as winter blues or winter depression, and is linked to reduced sunlight in the winter.The biological bases for this condition are unknown, but treatment includes psychotherapy, drugs, and bright light therapy. Light therapy aims to simulate neutral sunlight with the use of special, full spectrum lamps. Someone with SAD would simply sit beside a SAD lamp for 20-30 minutes early in the day (and could be doing readings or eating at the same time). With this information in mind, I propose that Vic invest in 3 SAD lamps.
Amount granted: $785

Commuter Festive Dinner
Project by: SaraLi Forouzanfar
Description: This student project application is designed to request funding for a separate Commuter Festive Dinner hosted by VOCA, the Victoria Off-Campus Association. The event is tailored to accommodate a greater number of commuters, with commuters making up about 75% of the Victoria College student population. Our initiative is to provide a platform by which a more significant amount of commuters can experience an equally exciting affair and have the opportunity to celebrate a night together in the Vic commuter community. We are aiming to host the event in Alumni Hall at Old Vic, which accommodates for 128 guests.
Amount granted: $4,079.60

Cat's Eye Leather Couches
Project by: Sabina Freiman
Description: I am hoping to buy four leather couches for the Cat’s Eye, similar to those currently found in the residence common rooms and to those that used to exist in the old Cat’s Eye. We have heard complaints about the couches that came with the new Cat’s Eye space, along with a lot of reminiscing about how good the old couches used to be. I believe that nicer couches in the Cat’s Eye will help bring the lounge back to its former glory, which will definitely enhance the student life experience by bringing students together in a cozy
and fun environment.
Amount granted: $8,119.05

The Goose Release Event
Project by: Jessie Yao and Emily Deibert
Description: The project we are applying for is an extension of Goose: An Annual Review of Short Fiction, in the form of an event accessible to the public as well as members of Goose, to be held in the winter term of the academic year. The event will bring in a member from the wider literary community, and possibilities include: a lecture given by a writer, editor, publisher, etc.; a workshop on editing; a poetry slam.
Amount granted: $350

Vic Records & Vic DJ Club
Projects by: JJ Wong & Austin Leggett
Description: The projects are equipment for Vic Records in order to best allow Vic Records to operate at the most beneficial way for the Vic student community at large. The equipment that I’m seeking to fund with the money from Student Projects grants longevity and the effective long-term existence of Vic Records as a club which serves as the hub for Vic students with an interest in music – specifically producing and/or recording music.
Amount granted: $4,400

Clubs Storage Equipment
Project by: Enxhi Kondi and Stuart Norton
Description: The Clubs Storage Project enhances the current clubs storage space in the basement of the Goldring Student Centre. As it currently stands there are only small lockers that exist on one side of the space, with the remainder of materials being left scattered across the rest of the room. Our project would significantly alter the space as we would have a number of different storage pieces installed throughout the room that accommodate different sizes of equipment and materials. Our project makes uses of all areas in the room, preventing students from leaving equipment throughout the space.
Amount granted: $15,000