2013-2014 Projects (chaired by Angela Sun)

Victoria College Fencing Club Equipment
Project by: Benjamin Farmer Lacombe
Description: The Victoria College Fencing Club (VCFC) is a student run organization, operating at the heart of Victoria’s campus community. Through our weekly meetings, we offer students of all academic backgrounds the opportunity to discover the sport of fencing. To reflect our ever-growing membership, we plan to extend our teachings to all three types of fencing in the near future.
Amount granted: $1,800

Vic for a Cure Holiday Tree
Project by: Susan Knifed, Alana Changoor, and Elaine Tio
Description: This student project application is aimed to obtain funding for the December Ribbon Awareness Campaign proposed by the student-run organization, Vic for a Cure. The initiative is to raise cancer awareness and to provide a platform by which students and faculty alike can reflect on and honor their loved ones who have been or are affected by any type of cancer. We wish to put up an artificial Christmas tree in an appropriate setting and provide ribbons and cards of various colors on which members of the Vic community can leave a name or a message on and decorate the tree with. This project aims to bring the Vic community closer together while raising cancer awareness, ultimately resulting in a decorative piece that is meaningful and suitable in the spirit of the holidays.
Amount granted: $250

VUSAC Finance Software
Project by: Jelena Savic
Description: I am writing to apply for accounting software to be used by the VUSAC office. The current method of keeping track of finances (excel) is not functional, and results in a lack of turnover that is detrimental to the VUSAC finances and the functioning of the council as a whole. Therefore, I am requesting funding for purchasing the Quickbooks version that was recommended by the Vic finance department. Quickbooks is easy software to use, and a simple transition report and training session by the finance chair and president would allow for the incoming president and finance chair to understand how to continue updating the Quickbooks account.
Amount granted: $500

Granola Bars Project
Project by: Sienna DiGuiseppe
Description: The Granola Bar Project is an effort from Education and Equity that started last year. The committee bought several bulk size boxes of granola bars from Costco to put out around the Vic campus during exam time as a snack for busy students. The plan is to put the bars in the following locations: the VUSAC Office, the Goldring atrium, the Wymilwood Lounge, the second floor Goldring Study Room, the commuter kitchen, and the basement of the Pratt Library.  We will also be covering the bars with stickers that direct students to the appropriate physical and mental health resources if they’re feeling stressed out.
Amount granted: $100

Fashion Show Equipment
Project by: Sarah Berger
Description: The Environmental Fashion Show is hoping to expand our “atelier” and purchase a serger, two mannequins, jewelry making and leather goods tools. These items are basic tools for creating long lasting and good quality clothing and accessories (in that way these tools are essential for our continued legitimacy and good reputation). The items purchased will be used by designers in the Environmental Fashion Show, at sewing workshops hosted by the Environmental Fashion Show and by any Victoria College student who wishes to borrow them. At its roots, the Environmental Fashion Show is an opportunity to inspire a new culture surrounding fashion.
Amount granted: $765

Caffiends Cash Register
Project by: Mariam Sheikh
Description: This application is requesting funds to afford a cash register for Caffiends at Victoria College. As a student run, non-profit Café that does not receive full funding, we cannot afford to buy a cash register without your help. The reason why we feel this feature would benefit the Vic community is because it would allow a greater number of students to visit our Café. Currently, we are limited to only accepting cash. However, by introducing a proper cash register to the Café, we would be able to accept Vic Dollars (for those living on residence) as well as debit/credit from commuters who don’t have enough cash on them to buy what they really want from us.
Amount granted: $2,000